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Hello & Welcome

Welcome to the website of David Midgley, freelance philosopher, eco-activist and founder of Schumacher North and Jamyang Buddhist Centre Leeds.

I have created this website to connect with people who share my belief that in order to heal our damaged world, a change in consciousness is needed, and who are seeking ways to bring about that change in themselves and others.

E.F.Schumacher’s essay on Buddhist Economics, which grew into the 1973 classic ‘Small Is Beautiful – Economics As If People Mattered’, launched a movement aimed at healing the diseased mind-set which sees the pursuit of consumer possessions and financial profit as the road to human well-being. No-one previously had dared to make the link between economics and spirituality so explicit – now it seems hard to escape the conclusion that this perspective is the only thing that can save us.

In addition to my ongoing work with Schumacher North and Jamyang Buddhist Centre Leeds, I have decided to expand my work into the areas of one-to-one spiritual counselling, mentoring and life coaching for sustainability, and also to disseminate my ideas through public lectures, workshops and courses.

I am also interested in working with business to design strategies for sustainability and to introduce training programmes for staff to raise their level of awareness about sustainability.