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About Me

As an environmental educator, thinker and activist, and a social entrepreneur, I am committed to do whatever I can to contribute to the creation of ‘An Environmentally Sustainable, Socially Just and Spiritually Fulfilling Human Presence on this planet’ (Pachamama Alliance).

In 2007, with the support of the Schumacher Society UK and its president, Satish Kumar, I founded Schumacher North at the 2007 Leeds Schumacher Lectures on Peace, Ecology and Spirituality, and this is now my primary life project.

My aspiration is for it to develop into a true Alternative University, based on the principles of holistic, transformative education for sustainability practised at Schumacher College, as well as a thriving supportive network linking local initiatives, groups and individuals throughout the North of England region.

To support this project, and to expand my own work as a change agent for sustainability, I have chosen to offer my services as a spiritual counsellor, personal mentor and life coach to individuals interested in furthering their own spiritual and personal growth and contributing to building a sustainable world.