Spiritual Counselling

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Spiritual Counselling

Coming from a strong commitment to an equal respect for all faiths and cultures, I am happy to work with individuals from any spiritual background or none, to assist them to clarify their own path within or outside a particular spiritual tradition.

With over 35 years of Buddhist practice and 20 years as a Buddhist teacher, I have a deep grounding within a traditional, formal religious context. I have had extensive involvement with inter-faith work, particularly Christian-Buddhist dialogue, and have recently taken on a serious personal involvement with Christian spirituality.

I also have substantial experience of personal development approaches with a strong spiritual element, such as re-evaluation co-counselling, eco-spiritual work (Be The Change, Work That Reconnects, Deep Ecology), and transformative personal growth work (ISA Experience).

I will work collaboratively with clients to resolve issues such as conflicts between spiritual values and the work or family context, difficulties with the boundaries of legitimate spiritual authority, conflicts of spiritual loyalty, clashes of world-view and other obstacles to spiritual progress.